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WATCH: Hillary Clinton Claims She’ll “Model the Kind of Behavior” Americans Should Follow

The Free Beacon [1] found the latest quip from Hillary:

Clinton made the remark while responding to a question about cultural intolerance in Claremont, New Hampshire, according to The Blaze [2].

“My question is about something that’s troubling me about our culture in the United States right now,” the town hall participant said. “There is a strong undercurrent of hatred with racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism. Besides being good neighbors to each other, what can you do and will you do as our leader to help us move beyond all of that?”

“I think we have to, as a nation, really ask ourselves some hard questions about how we truly feel about and treat each other, and the level of vitriol and insult that we see on the Internet is so distressing to me, and it goes exactly after people in the categories you have outlined,” Clinton said. “As president, I would do my very best to model the kind of behavior that I would hope all of our citizens would have. I’m not asking people to like everybody. I’m asking people to be respectful.”