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The article is a summary, but from a slanted perspective. Here are a couple excerpts:

There have been about 120 attacks and attempted assaults by Palestinians against Israelis since early October, an average of more than one a day. At least 20 Israelis have been killed; more than 80 Palestinians have been shot dead by security forces and armed civilians during the assaults…

A review of the violence, alongside interviews with Israeli and Palestinian officials, reveals attacks that do not fit past patterns. There is a sense on both sides that something unprecedented is happening, a shapeless rebellion of individuals driven by an unknowable combination of hatred and despair…

Palestinian officials are struggling to find the words to describe the attacks — calling them “acts” or “events” and the slain assailants “victims” or “martyrs.” They have been reluctant to publicly encourage the attacks, but they have not condemned the killings or called for them to stop…

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has called the daily attacksa “justified popular uprising .?.?. driven by despair that a two-state solution is not coming.”

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