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The Washington Post continued to allege that rising anti-Semitism is due to the Donald Trump campaign, campaign rhetoric, and its supporters. This was in an article of how the Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, is trying to win support among liberal Democratic Jews. However, the article failed to note how rising anti-Semitism is on college campuses, often populated by leftist professors.

The article also failed to point out the faked hate crimes by anti-Trump supporters on college campuses, yet one Trump supporter (a high school student) was beaten by a mob of students in Maryland.

Here are examples of the Trump-anti-Semitism connection :

Some Jewish leaders in the county say Donald Trump could undercut Hogan’s efforts if the president-elect’s administration fails to curb or disavow the open anti-Semitism and intolerance of some of his supporters…

Hogan pointedly distanced himself from Trump during the election, declaring early on that he would not vote for the Republican nominee. (He said he wrote in his father’s name on the ballot.) Their shared party affiliation, however, could still mean negative repercussions for Hogan from voters offended by Trump’s behavior…

In a sign of the risks that Trump could present for Hogan, the governor’s administration drew criticism from Jewish leaders earlier this month when it declined to link a recent surge of hate-based incidents in Maryland to Trump’s election.

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