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The Washington Post won’t stop the liberal narratives that Obama had a “relatively scandal-free” presidency, even in an article about Donald Trump’s general counsel and national security advisor. Here’s what the article said:

At a recent news conference, Obama credited the work of his White House counsels — he has had four of them in his eight years as president — for the fact that his tenure has been relatively scandal-free.

For the record, here are a list of scandals during Obama’s tenure in the White House:

  • Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal, where Obama did know of the e-mails and did nothing about it
  • Fast and Furious gun-running scandal
  • Iran deal and keeping the terms secret from Congress and the American public
  • Department of Veterans Affairs waiting list scandal, where veterans died waiting for medical care while executives earned bonuses
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting Tea Party and conservative non-profit groups during the 2012 presidential election cycle
  • The Benghazi terrorist attacks and blaming it on a YouTube video, when the administration knew it was terrorism
  • Secret Service agents partying with prostitutes in Colombia
  • Environment Protection Agency (EPA) promoting government rule and violating neutrality rules
  • Mineral spill by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a river in Colorado (Gold King mine)
  • General Services Administration (GSA) scandal where the agency spent over $800,000 on a Las Vegas conference

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