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Washington Post Claimed that Trump doesn’t have a Mandate due to Losing Popular Vote

The liberal media’s ‘Trump doesn’t have a mandate from Americans because he didn’t win the popular vote yet he won the Electoral College’ narrative continues two weeks after Donald Trump’s inauguration festivities and over two months since Election Day. This time, the Washington Post’s The Fix [1] claimed Trump does not have a mandate, even after Trump won the White House. But, their blog post’s main topic was to point out the Republicans’ dominance in the state legislatures and governorships.

The blog post also said that Republican dominance on the state and national levels could be short-lived, without citing specific historical data of parties in power and how their midterm elections go, and warned Republicans:

“At the moment, it’s Republicans who have every right to brag about their dominant status as a national party. But always remember that pride comes before the fall.”

Does this sound like an impartial opinion to you?