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Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus wondered whether Sen. Al Franken’s (D.-Minn.) resignation “is a good outcome” for women in an interview with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC. Here is the transcript:

MITCHELL: Indeed, and Ruth Marcus is here. Ruth, you have written and thought about all of these issues very deeply. Al Franken was even being discussed as a potential 2020 candidate. His best-selling book had come out. He was, really, in the, you know, the prime of his political life …

MARCUS: We are in the middle of this revolution, and in every revolution there are moments of excess. And I have some real serious concerns about whether this is one of them here. Representative Conyers, Senator Franken, they dealt with them.

So for Democrats, in terms of short-term political benefit, this is a good outcome. For Senator Franken, for justice, and in some way, maybe for women, I’m not so confident that this is a good outcome. Because, I mean — Tom raised the question of what do we d- — he doesn’t have as much process as a dope-peddler. We have a sitting United States senator, Senator Menendez, who is under indictment, who’s been in a criminal trial, who may be retried. He is going to get the benefit of the ethics process, a benefit that Senator Franken is not getting. And I still think we are just tip-toeing our way through this minefield here, trying to sort out what the proper response is. We say “zero tolerance.” Does that mean that every act deserves the death penalty? Which was what we saw for Senator Franken here, is the political death penalty.

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