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In an article critical of President Donald Trump’s standing on anti-Semitism, USA Today alleged that the right-leaning Breitbart News Network is alt-right (i.e. white supremacist-supporting). You also can’t ignore how USA Today compared Trump’s campaign slogan, “America First,” has echoes of Nazi Germany. Read it for yourself:

For months, pressure has been building on Trump to repudiate hate groups as critics accused his campaign of providing safe space to white nationalist groups, beginning with its choice of a campaign slogan, “America First,” that was also the name of an organization tied to anti-Semites that urged the United States to appease German Chancellor Adolf Hitler before the U.S. entrance into World War II.

Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon, is also the former head of the alt-right Breitbart News, an information source for white nationalists.

Why can’t USA Today get a statement from Breitbart on whether they are an ‘alt-right’ website or not, instead of putting it in an article as fact?

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