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Unhinged Liberal Media? New York Magazine Calls Koch Brothers ‘Far Right Cranks’

Apparently, the liberals at the New York Magazine do not hold the Koch brothers (Charles and David Koch, libertarian philanthropists) in high regard like most of the Left. In a recent article blasting President Donald Trump for exiting the Paris climate accords, the magazine said the following [1]:

But the GOP’s biggest Big Energy investors were against it: The Koch brothers–backed Americans for Prosperity lobbied hard against the deal [2].

Having our nation’s economic and environmental policies dictated by the narrow interests of extractive industries is terrible. But having them dictated by far-right cranks, who happen to be billionaires, is probably worse. The corporate sector’s reliance on international markets and allergy to geopolitical chaos make it a less dangerous shadow ruler than a collective of America’s luckiest Ayn Rand enthusiasts.

Ironic, considering the Left does not criticize their own rich backers in George Soros and Tom Steyer.