Accuracy in Media

If you care about fiscal responsibility and aren’t young in years, Chris Hayes of The Nation argues you don’t really care about the effect of rising national debt on your children. 

Last night at the launch of 80 Million Strong Hayes said: 

A lot of people like to talk about the debt we’re passing onto our children–and there is reason to be worried about the debt–but the people who are saying that tend to be old people and they tend not to actually care that much at the end of the day about the debt that they’re going to pass onto their kids. They actually care about what we’re spending the money on…”

Therefore, he argues, now is a time for youth to stand up and fight for the health of the economy they will inherit. “So for those two reasons this age cohort is kind of on the sort of maximal leverage point of the conversation about what economic future the country’s gonna look like,” he later said, “and it’s incredibly important, incredibly important that those voices get heard because otherwise there’s another cohort of people that are going to deign to speak for you and what they’re going to say is not necessarily gonna be actually in your interest.” 

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