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The liberal media became unhinged when President Donald Trump blamed “both sides” for violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, last week. Why?

The media claimed Trump rationalized support for white supremacists and neo-Nazis, ignoring the violence from the left-wing, anti-Trump “Antifa” factions that were also in Charlottesville.

Here’s a snippet of the violence that the leftist Antifa mobs were participating in at Charlottesville:

We know this because people there saw it happen and have confirmed Trump’s characterization publicly. New York Timesreporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg, for one, attested: “The hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right,” she tweeted. “I saw club-wielding ‘antifa’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park.” If there were any doubt as to whether the Left were committing violence that day, Stolberg later clarified: “[I] should have said violent, not hate-filled.”

“Antifa” stands for anti-facists, who use violence to allegedly promote peace. Now, they are taking a stand against Trump supporters and right-wing militia members, in addition to white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

But why the outrage? It appears the liberal media wants to protect its own ideologues who are also to blame for violence by participating in Antifa marches.

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