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Since Donald Trump’s Election Night victory over Hillary Clinton, the stock market has seen a “Trump bump,” or stock prices going up ever since his election. The liberal media did not cover the “Trump bump” as much as other news, based on our research.

This week, some liberal media headlines pointed out the stock market bump is over:

  • CNN: The Trump stock market rally is under siege
  • USA Today: Trump’s health-care defeat pushes stocks lower
  • The Hill: Wall Street sees Trump rally coming to an end

But, here is a list of liberal media headlines on the “Trump bump” from the past:

  • Bloomberg: What’s next for the Trump market rally
  • CNBC: Dow closes above 21,000 as stocks post best day of 2017 after Trump’s speech
  • ABC News: Trump takes credit for bump in consumer confidence
  • NBC News: What’s behind the market’s unexpected post-election “Trump bump”

What about ABC News and NBC News? It was difficult to find search results where those mainstream media outlets discussed the “Trump bump” on their websites since Election Night. CNBC was the most consistent reporting outlet on the stock market bump post-Trump’s victory. ABC News and NBC News only had one article since November on the “Trump bump.”

The Atlantic pointed out how the Trump bump was prolonged and it demonstrated how the stock market rally threw the media for a loop:

The so-called Trump Bump refers to stock market indexes climbing since November of last year, soon after it became clear that Trump was going to pull off a surprising victory over rival Hillary Clinton. What many thought might be a short-lived phenomenon was solidified when the rally continued into 2017. In January, less than a week after Trump officially took office, the Dow hit 20,000 for the first time ever (a largely psychological milestone)

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