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Time is letting its readers know where it stands on the accusations made against Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, by conjuring the ghost of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings from 1991.

The tweet references an article written by Molly Ball headlined, “Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Confirmation Is Now the Ultimate Test of Political Power in 2018.”

Ball describes Ford’s accusation as “hazy” and “curiously timed,”  but said it creates doubt about the image he carefully crafted. She drew comparisons to Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill.

It was a hazy accusation: hesitantly lodged, short on detail and curiously timed. But Ford’s charge shattered Kavanaugh’s carefully crafted tableau, calling into doubt the image he projected. The row of young girls, legs bare in their private-school skirts, looked different now. In the ensuing scramble, Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote was postponed, and he and Ford were invited to testify before the committee on Sept. 24.

The prospect of such an extraordinary public hearing conjured obvious parallels to Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. Twenty-seven years later, another professor with misgivings about coming forward had leveled allegations against a conservative Supreme Court nominee on the eve of his confirmation. And what had seemed a done deal became a fraught and fitting modern morality play.


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