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TIME Magazine: Anti-Trump Tax March is like the Tea Party

TIME Magazine felt [1] that the anti-Trump “Tax March,” which allegedly took place in about 200 cities country-wide, was like the Tea Party rallies in 2009. There was no comparison made to the recent anti-Trump “Women’s March on Washington,” which had some vulgar remarks from some of the speakers.

The Tea Party is different from the “Tax March” because it was a grassroots effort to bring about a wave of political change. The “Tax March,” according to TIME, is similar to the Tea Party because of the following:

Saturday’s Tax March, which took place in nearly 200 cities around the country, was unusual for a liberal protest both in its subject matter and its specificity [2]: rather than focus on more typically leftist issues like police brutality, climate change or reproductive rights, the Tax March was all about taxes, which is typically a rallying cry of Republicans. Specifically, the marchers had just one demand: to see Trump’s taxes.