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Joy Behar of The View displayed her lack of knowledge on Wednesday when she blamed the Democratic Senate losses in the midterm elections on gerrymandering – despite that U.S. Senators represent the whole state rather than individual districts.

Behar made her comment during a discussion with ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd about how Democrats lost seats in the Senate on Tuesday despite having more overall votes than Republicans.

Dowd noted that President Trump won the electoral college in 2016 but lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday, Democrats received 8 million more votes than Republicans when tallying the vote total for all the Senate races but still lost seats.

As Dowd was explaining this, Behar said, “gerrymandering” to which Dowd replied, “That’s the Consitution,” which appeared to go over Behar’s head.

Gerrymandering only applies to congressional and local legislative districts, as those maps are redrawn every ten years by state legislatures after the census is taken. Senators are elected along state lines and are elected by all eligible voters of the state.

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