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When liberal bloggers complain about the vast right-wing conspiracy, it’s just another case of projection. They have a conspiracy of their own, including their participation in the recently disclosed JournoList and their intimidation campaign for more ad money, so they assume the right must be conspiring in like manner.

The conservative blog Patterico’s Pontifications paints a concise portrait of the left’s messaging machine, courtesy of an inside-the-echo-chamber peek from liberal blogger Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake:

To sum up: Lefty bloggers beg for (and receive) funding from the Lefty interest groups to carry their message.  The Sorosphere organizes the echo chamber meetings for the interest groups. The interest groups fear that going off message will bring reprisals — financial or otherwise — directed from the White House. “Because that’s the way Rahm plays.”

That’s the Chicago way.

With that background in mind, it’s obvious that the left’s carping about the “phony populism” of anti-tax “tea parties” across America also is a case of projection. Liberal activists, and lefty bloggers in particular, are so skilled at manufacturing outrage that they can’t imagine a case of genuine grassroots anger.

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