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The United States Of Stimulus Lies

Soon after taking office, President Obama successfully pushed a stimulus plan through Congress in part based on the promise that it would “save or create” 3.5 million jobs [1]. The nation’s unemployment rate (at 10.2 percent in October) has continued to climb since then, but the Obama administration has repeatedly insisted that the stimulus plan is working.

Last month, the government issued a report that showed the plan has saved or created 650,000 jobs, putting it on target to fulfill Obama’s lofty promise. But news reports about the actual funding have exposed the report as a series of exaggerations and flat-out lies. Many of the “jobs” are nothing of the sort.

The claims are so lame that a press corps partial to the president [2] no longer can resist the urge to report [3] the [4] truth [5]. The stories about stimulus lies across America are so numerous that the Washington Examiner had the brilliant idea of creating an interactive map [6] to track all of the money and the stories behind them.

The lies include claims of saving or creating:

The Examiner puts the total number of bogus job claims at more than 75,000. Click on the image below to see the map and the complete recap of lies at Examiner.com [7].


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