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Ever hear about Laszlo Tokes, the Romanian Protestant pastor who helped bring down the Romanian communist government? In December 1989, he stood up to Nicolae Ceausescu and began a revolution among the Romanian people.

“Ordered to stop preaching, Tokes refused. Directed to leave the apartment in which he and his family were living and move to a distant isolated town, he refused. In November, attackers armed with knives broke into his church apartment, but Tokes and friends fought them off. In mid-December when an eviction order was issued, members of Tokes’ congregation began a vigil outside his lodging, and a human chain formed around the block.

By the evening of Dec. 15, 1989, the crowd had increased to several thousand, including students, Romanians as well as Hungarians, Orthodox as well as Protestants. They began singing “Wake up, O Romanian!,” a song banned in 1947 by the communists. They shouted, “Down with Ceausescu!” and “Down with Communism!””

Lee Edwards of the Heritage Foundation penned the wonderful piece at the Daily Signal.

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