Accuracy in Media

Trust is an earned commodity, and today’s journalists are not earning it from their audiences. The misinformation they have been spreading about average Americans for months continues to undermine the already shaky reputation of traditional media.

When you ignore, ridicule, badger and falsely malign genuinely concerned taxpayers with labels like “mob,” you can’t expect them to take seriously your claims to be reporting the news — about President Obama’s healthcare plan or anything else — with objectivity. Voters are not as stupid as too many people in national newsrooms seem to think. They see the media for what they are.

A woman who called C-SPAN to complain about the media is among them (hat tip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air). She knows herself better than any journalist, and she doesn’t see herself in the media’s reporting of protests against Obama’s plan. As a result, she has lost confidence in their work. She isn’t alone.

“This is an organic movement,” she said, “and when people stand there and lie, to me, about what I know is going on, how can I trust them when they tell me it’s gonna save money when the Congressional Budget Office says it isn’t, that it’s gonna cover everybody when the Congressional Budget Office says it isn’t, that it’s gonna let me keep my health care when common sense tells you that that’s not going to be the end result of this?”

It was obviously a rhetorical question. She can’t trust the media. No taxpayer can when it comes to coverage of months-long protests against Obama’s socialistic and costly vision for America. And no taxpayer should. The national media have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted to report any negative reaction to Obama fairly.

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