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Journalists have willfully and negligently ignored grassroots, anti-tax “tea parties” across America the past several weeks, but Michelle Malkin warns that they are about to take notice in the only way they know how to cover conservatives — by publicizing the coordinated smears of the liberals bent on taxing, spending, borrowing and regulating the country into ruin:

For the next 9 days, the left-wing blogosphere and left-wing clueless pundits will hammer away with their unreality-based Tea Party smears.

And on the ground, the tax-subsidized and Soros-subsidized troops are going to try and wreak havoc every way they can. Many readers and fellow bloggers have seen signs that ACORN may send in ringers and saboteurs to usurp the anti-tax, anti-reckless spending, anti-bailout message. …

Another tack: As [Bob] Beckel signaled, leftists are going to use fear-mongering to paint mainstream taxpayers who believe in the Second Amendment, the Constitution, limited government, low taxes, and fiscal responsibility as fringe wackos. They have already exploited the Binghamton and Pittsburgh shooting sprees for political gain. They have no shame. Be prepared. Confront them with their own rank hypocrisy and unhingedness. Don’t get distracted. And don’t let your local media get away with lazily recycling their smears.

The national media wouldn’t cover the protests no matter how many were held or how many people attended. But they will cover the liberals who protest the protests and stoke fears that conservatives want a literal “armed rebellion” rather than a figurative re-enactment of the original Boston Tea Party. Yep, that sounds about right.

Here’s Malkin’s advice on how conservatives should react: “When they smear, sing louder. Get a fellow tax revolter to register to vote. Then sign up 10 more. Don’t get mad. Get active.” In other words, don’t let the modern-day Tories win.

UPDATE: That New York Times columnist linked above who’s all concerned about conservatives fomenting “armed rebellion”? Turns out he appreciates symbolism after all — in his own writing. He suggested that General Motors Chairman Rick Wagoner should be “flogged.”

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