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Simon says, “Blame the media.” Roger Simon of Pajamas Media, that is. And he’s talking about the blame for having put into power a president who lacks the experience for the job.

The media knew that but bought into Barack Obama’s Teleprompted “hope and change” rhetoric. Now, well short of the much-hyped, 100-days milestone of Obama’s presidency, the media seem to be contemplating annulment, or worse, a nasty divorce. Even The New York Times, a publication whose journalistic sins are heinous enough to deserve a boycott, is lobbing editorial grenades at The One.

Here’s what Simon says about the Ivory Tower brigade’s about-face on the president who rose to power thanks to their malpractice: “The election of Barack Obama was orchestrated by our mainstream media. They anointed him. They should suffer the consequences.”

Don’t be fooled, though. While some folks in the media are casting a critical eye toward Obama’s bumblings as president, it’s not because they disagree with his liberal policies or dislike the president.

Even their negativity is positive. Hence Frank Rich’s fawning references to Obama’s “charming” visit with Jay Leno — a description that Special Olympians would refute — and to his “full arsenal of policy smarts and political gifts.” Read the gushing Times coverage of Obama’s press conference last night, too.

The mainstream media’s goal now is not to serve as an objective and critical government watchdog; it is to get the Good Ship Obama back on the course they expected it to travel.

Remember the softball words of Chris Matthews after Obama was elected: “I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work. … Yeah, it is my job. My job is to help this country. … This country needs a successful presidency — more than anything right now.”

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