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1. As ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief has described, and documented by numerous criminal investigations, ACORN canvassers are trained to do this. Registration fraud is not due to a few bad actors working alone, but a premeditated consequence of ACORN training. Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto said that ACORN’s training manuals “clearly detail, condone and… require illegal acts.

2. Las Vegas Registrar Larry Lomax stated that almost half of ACORN’s registrations “were clearly fraudulent.” Of 90,000 registrations submitted, only 25,000 became voters who actually voted. Lomax added that ACORN workers would take registration forms from libraries and post offices to use for their own registration activities.

3. Recent internet entries claim ACORN’s Project Vote is unrelated to the Project Vote Obama worked for in 1992, perhaps in an effort to distance Obama from the group, but they were one and the same. Project Vote’s website now claims it was founded in 1994, yet that was merely a reorganization.

4. Activists accused banks of engaging in “redlining,” the practice of denying mortgage loans to entire low income areas. What the activists won’t admit is that redlining was a regulation developed during the FDR administration by the newly-created Federal Housing Administration. FHA refused to underwrite mortgages for areas they defined as high risk. This practice continued until 1968 and ruined inner cities. Studies conducted by the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank found no evidence of later redlining to support activists’ claims. Rather, market demand and economic risk factors played the major part in determining the quantity of mortgage loans in a given area. See, for example: Jeffrey M. Lacker, Neighborhoods and Banking, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Quarterly, Spring 1995, (

5. The popular assertion is that the CRA was a sideshow, that groups like ACORN contributed only marginally to the mortgage market meltdown—that the true culprit was unregulated Wall Street greed. This is categorically false. When the government—through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—agreed to underwrite investment risk by purchasing high-risk mortgages, the entire risk suddenly became the responsibility of U.S. taxpayers. Banks and investment companies could now take virtually unlimited risks with no downside. But even this misses the point. The CRA and resulting subprime mortgage lending pushed by groups like ACORN completely changed the paradigm. ACORN actually participated in writing the 1992 law mandating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac participation in the subprime market. Sound lending principles became secondary considerations, replaced by non-market social policy goals. This was the key change that sowed the seeds of our current financial malaise.

6. For example, 1994 Maryland Gubernatorial candidate Ellen Sauerbrey claims this is why voter rolls were not purged prior to that election, where rampant vote fraud was alleged to be the cause of her defeat.

7. In 1987 for example, Georgia signed a consent decree requiring state election officials to report to plaintiffs quarterly regarding voter registration efforts and data on new registrants.

8. Settlement Agreement, ACORN v Levy, Case No. 08-4084 (W.D. Mo). Plaintiff’s lawyers included Project Vote, Demos, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and others.

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