Accuracy in Media

Roger Kimball, of PJ Media, wrote a good piece on Obama’s policies and lack of backbone when dealing with dictatorial regimes, as illustrated by Sony’s cancellation of the comedy movie, “The Interview.” Instead of being strong and steadfast, Obama has opted for the appeasement route. Neville Chamberlain would be proud of him. As Kimball wrote:

“No, the real question people should be asking themselves is this: Now that the President is seeking to “normalize” relations with the Communist hell hole of Cuba, is there any totalitarian enemy of the United States that he has not sought to cozy up to?

Russia? check. Hillary hit the reset button years ago, remember?

Iran? absolutely: what more could Obama do to assure that Iran becomes a nuclear power?

China? Obama made a special trip there to agree that the United States to hamstring its economy by adopting emissions standards that China wouldn’t have to adopt for decades.”

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