Accuracy in Media

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad jumped into the Iran/Israel nuclear faux-fight with some stark comments on a French radio station.

BBC reported Assad’s comments on potential Israeli military action as follows:

“It will cost the United States and the planet dear,” Mr Assad told France Inter radio. “Israel will pay directly the price of this war. Iran has said so. The problem is not the action and reaction. The problem is that when one starts such action in the Middle East, one cannot manage the reactions that can spread out over years or even decades.”


 Assad does have a remarkable point about the consequences of actions in the Middle East lasting for decades.  Take for example the guns and training the U.S. gave to Afghani warlords during the Cold War so that they could fight the Soviets…  Or, Britain’s decision post-WWII to alott Israel the Palestinian land under British occupation… Or how about Carter’s decision not to help the Shah in Iran, allowing Ayatollah Khomenei and the religious extremists to take control of the country?  Brilliant move, Mr. President. 


At any rate, it’s unsurprising to see Syria jump into the brawl and unsurprising to watch them back up their good ol’ buddy Iran.  It’s a waiting game to see who throws the first punch in the explosive region that is the Middle East. 

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