Accuracy in Media

Per a new study, journalists have a poor diet and consume too many alcoholic drinks (the following is excerpted from the study):

  • “Less than 5% of journalists drank enough water (recommended at approximately 8 glasses a day, or 500ml for every 15kg of body weight).
  • “On average journalists drank around 3 glasses of water a day equating to approximately 750ml – 1l. This is about half of what is recommended to ensure the brain remains hydrated. In a number of instances the amount consumed was considerably lower.
  • “69% of journalists drank more than 2 cups of caffeine a day on average.
  • “This level was even higher in those under 35 where the average was 72%. Drinking high amounts of caffeine might offer a short-term boost, but can be detrimental longer term by dehydrating the brain and having a negative impact on quality of sleep.
  • “27% of participants drank alcohol on 5 or more days a week. 41% drank 18 or more units a week.”

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