Accuracy in Media

It is Kaepernick’s right, that is true, but a Sports Illustrated writer named Robert Klemko reiterated the false narratives of “extrajudicial” police killings of minorities in his defense of Kaepernick (who decided not to stand for the American national anthem during a preseason football game this weekend). Oh, and the writer called Kaepernick ‘brave’ by quoting Francis Scott Key:

By the same token, that child might grow up and decide he’d seen enough extrajudicial police killings of African Americans at a disproportionate rate, heard enough campaign rhetoric painting blacks as helpless and downtrodden and minorities as violent criminals, and learned enough about how America prefers its black athletes to shut up and appreciate the spoils of their hard work, to take a stand. Even then, armed with that perspective of the world, that stand was unlikely…

Francis Scott Key wrote about the land that breeds this sort of citizen: The home of the brave.

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