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The mainstream media’s reliance on the language of hope and change didn’t end with the campaign season. As the debates over health care, the budget, and carbon regulation heat up, two Reuters authors are describing the conflict in epic proportions:

“Barack Obama’s presidency has been a wild ride for the U.S. Congress and lawmakers are bracing for more turbulence when they begin returning on Monday to tackle an array of tough issues from healthcare to energy,” write Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cowan.

They continue:

 “In the three months since Obama took office, his fellow Democrats in Congress have overcome Republican objections and unleashed a raft of spending to try to buoy the sinking economy.

With the Senate coming back on Monday and the House in on Tuesday, following a two-week recess, the Democratic leadership in both chambers will press its advantage, while undeterred Republicans dig in their heels….

Democrats take heart from polls that show Obama remains highly popular and the public has more confidence in Democrats than in Republicans to solve the nation’s problems.

Yet there is no sign Republicans, who opposed Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus package and $3.5 trillion budget plan, are about to cooperate with what they denounce as Obama’s liberal ‘tax-and-spend’ policies.

Instead, they see a political opportunity—and last week aired a television and radio ad campaign targeting 43 potentially vulnerable House Democrats who they accused of endorsing a ‘reckless spending spree.’…”

MSM translation: Democrats have offered the U.S. a life raft with their stimulus spending, but Republicans are simply seeking to gain political points in the crisis.

Apparently a series of reporters and editors put their heads together to concoct this gem. “Additional reporting by Donna Smith, Jeremy Pelofsky, Susan Cornwell and Kevin Drawbaugh; Editing by Peter Cooney.”


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