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Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) said the following in a speech at Heritage yesterday:


“I look at Ed with a great deal of envy with his full head of hair.  I have, uh, had a little bout with Hodgkin’s, and one of the consequences of Hodgkins is, uh, you lose all your hair.  But it comes back, and I’m now finding more interest in my hair styling than I am in my positions on a couple of policy.

I have a lot of correspondents suggesting I wear a toupee, some of the correspondents suggest that I shave my head and become a sex symbol-  excuse me, what’s so funny about that young lady?- but I rejected that idea for two reasons:

Number One, my wife is opposed to it

Number Two, I’m not qualified.” 


Specter Sans Hair


Is Arlen Specter the next Patrick Stewart?


Stewart Sans Hair

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