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Last week, the publisher for Hillary Clinton’s latest book announced the title, “What Happened.” Although Twitter users mocked the book’s title, with editing the state of Wisconsin onto the cover and the ‘shrug’ icon, the book will most likely not reveal any new information about why she lost a winnable 2016 election.

Instead of reading the book and padding her bank account, here are reasons why Clinton lost to underdog Donald Trump on Election Day:

  • Her e-mail scandal while serving as Secretary of State where she used a private (and secret) email server to go around the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • FBI Director James Comey’s letter and announcement of an investigation into her e-mails
  • She didn’t campaign once in the state of Wisconsin, although there was a state activist apparatus ready to do so
  • Too much bureaucracy within her own campaign made on-the-ground communication difficult
  • She was a highly unpopular presidential candidate
  • There were questions about her health after she stumbled getting into a van after a public event
  • One of her main talking points was how she would be the first female president

There you go; you don’t have to read the book after all.

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