Accuracy in Media

The media keeps on swinging at the news and continues to get it wrong, which perpetuates the “fake news” moniker that many Americans refer to after Trump’s election. This time, in a long line of other media falsehoods and disproven narratives, it was that the National Rifle Association banned its members from carrying firearms in the convention center where Vice President Mike Pence will speak.

Pence will speak to the NRA convention attendees on Friday, which is being held in Dallas, Texas this year. Per Secret Service operating procedure, speech attendees are prohibited from carrying firearms. It was not the NRA who prohibited their members from carrying firearms, but the Secret Service.

The notable culprits of this example of misreporting and misinformation were the Associated Press and the Washington Post. Despite the corrections, the liberal narrative remained in these articles that it was somehow ironic that at a gun owners’ convention, gun owners cannot have firearms when the second-in-command of the U.S. is present (regardless of safety concerns).

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