Accuracy in Media

Politico has an insightful piece on the ongoing internal political battles within the Democratic Party, where U.S. senators are concerned about their re-election chances if they confront and battle Trump for the next couple of years and activists clamor for a no-holds-barred political battle. But, do you hear this in the rest of the liberal media? Nope:

At a forum this week for candidates running to be the next Democratic National Committee chair, the very idea that the party should try to work with the new president was dismissed as absurd.

“That’s a question that’s absolutely ridiculous,” said New Hampshire party chairman Raymond Buckley, when asked if the Democratic Party should try to work with Trump where it can find opportunities.

“If you saw the millions of people who marched in the streets this weekend and participated in it, they are looking to the Democratic Party. We have an opportunity as a party to be that place of resistance. So we have to form a solid resistance as a party. And no, it is not about working with Donald Trump,” offered television commentator Jehmu Greene.

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