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Saudis Don’t Care if They Anger Obama, Will Cut Ties with Iran

From Fox News, looks like the Saudis will cut formal diplomatic ties [1] with the Iranian regime in Tehran:

 “Enough is enough,” the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Reuters. “Again and again Tehran has thumbed their nose at the West. They continue to sponsor terrorism and launch ballistic missiles and no one is doing anything about it. The Saudis really don’t care if they anger the White House.”

The move comes amid escalating tensions between the countries following Saudi Arabia’s execution of a prominent Shiite cleric on Saturday. A group of Iranians attacked the Saudi Embassy with Molotov cocktails and stones earlier Sunday following the death of Sheikh Nimir al-Nimir, and the Saudis have indicated they don’t believe the Iranian government tried to stop the protesters.