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Rush Limbaugh celebrated the 30th anniversary of his eponymous radio program by thanking his listeners for their support during his program his week.

I think everybody listening here is involved and intelligent and aware, and thinks and shares a similar value system or value base. That’s why it’s so meaningful. This is why I understand the bond that Trump’s supporters have with him, is because I have it, too, with all of you who listen to this program — and nobody’s been able to break the bond.

Really all of you and your loyalty over the years is what made me so confident analyzing Trump’s supporters and their relationship to him. But I think one of the reasons why the show — no two shows are alike here. But when I say “attitude,” I never take anything for granted. I show up here thinking that as much time as you all have spent investing in listening and try to make time for it, that you deserve not having this show phoned in or performed in a lackadaisical way.

So what I mean by it is that I show up here like it’s the first day in 30 years every day, and I have to prove it each and every day. That’s just me and the way I was raised. But I appreciate it more than… I thank you very, very much, and I guarantee you my feelings for all of you are identical.

Limbaugh is credited by many in the radio industry with single-handedly saving AM radio, which was on the verge of extinction when he launched his program and spurred the decades-long success of talk shows across the country.

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