Accuracy in Media

In a discussion on MSNBC’s Jansing & Co., Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina made a statement comparing the actions of Mitt Romney’s company, and presumably to Romney himself, to that of rape.

“This is not an attack on free enterprise,” Clyburn said. “But there’s something about that enterprise that I have a problem with. And there’s something about raping companies and leaving them in debt ? and setting up Swiss bank accounts, incorporating businesses in the Grand Caymans. I have a real serious problem with that.”

“And you’re fine with this line of attack?” asked Craig Melvin, the substitute host, to which Clyburn replied “Yes, I am.”

The comment came about when Melvin asked the congressman if it is possible to support a president but have a different point of view on a major issue. He was referring to the recent controversy of Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s disagreement with the Obama campaign over how they displayed Bain Capital in a recent campaign ad.

“I’m not too sure how major this difference is,” Clyburn said.

His speech then went into an attack on Romney’s company rather than the initial question.

“What are we supposed to be comparing President Obama to if we don’t compare him to the record that (Romney) has with Bain Capital,” Clyburn said.

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