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Retired WNBA Player said 98% of League is Gay, was Bullied as a Straight Player

Candice Wiggins, a newly-retired women’s basketball player, said that she felt bullied [1] as a straight woman in WNBA locker rooms by other gay teammates. Other players disputed her allegation on social media, but both the league president and the players’ union president said that it was too bad that she felt that way.

The liberal media and sports media were unsure how to treat this piece of news, considering it goes against their everyone-is-tolerant attitude. For example:

The league president’s office [5] said the following:

“When I first read the comments from retired WNBA player Candice Wiggins, I was stunned and disappointed. In my time with the league and my capacity as a fan before that, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a group of highly competitive women who are driven to succeed at the highest level on the court and constantly striving to help create opportunity for all members of their communities.

“In keeping with that, I’ve found our players to be earnest, heartfelt and eloquent in their responses to Candice’s comments and, as always, clear in their commitment to our league’s core values of diversity, inclusion and respect. Of course, it concerns me if any of our players do not have a positive experience, and I hope that anyone who feels uncomfortable would reach out to me or others in the league office.”

The players’ union president said:

“Our union is only as strong as our loyalty to and support for one another. What is key to that loyalty and support is our commitment to diversity and inclusion. As a union, we should and we will continue to celebrate the diversity that makes us special and lead by example. We must respect the rights of those we don’t agree with when they speak their mind. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the comments made recently by a former player or whether one has seen or experienced anything like what she has described, anything that impacts an inclusive culture should be taken seriously.”