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A reporter, who created a petition to remove a gag order on the West Virginia teen who was suspended from his middle school and subsequently arrested for refusing to remove his pro-NRA shirt, was thrown out of court and threatened with arrest herself, according to the Examiner.

charlo greeneCharlo Greene, a reporter with WOWK news, the main outlet covering 14-year-old Jared Marcum’s case, took it upon herself to create a petition on behalf of WOWK and the “free press” urging that the gag order requested by prosecutors Christopher White and Sabrina Deskins be lifted.

Although the prosecutors claimed the gag order, which sought to keep Marcum and his father and attorney from speaking with the media about the case, was for his own protection, neither Greene nor the teen’s father were convinced, as the Examiner reports:

“It was for Jared’s better interest is what I was told, which seems to be a bit odd to me,” he said. “These are the same individuals that are trying to prosecute him, so as far as them knowing what is in his better interest, I have a lot of questions about that.”

Greene attempted to deliver the petition to revoke the gag order to the Logan County Courthouse earlier this week, and said that before she could do so she was thrown out of court, and then threatened with arrest.

Fortunately, for supporters of both the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms and the First Amendment’s freedom of expression to assert such a right, Marcum was cleared of all charges last Friday. However, it is still troubling to supporters of free speech that a reporter, who was simply trying to give the teen the opportunity to tell his side of the story, was threatened for speaking up.

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