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Republican Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas, the founder of the Media Fairness Caucus in Congress, went to the floor of the House on Wednesday of this week to point out that even the liberal, pro-amnesty media are warning the President away from his plans to act unilaterally, through executive action, to enact what amounts to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens here in this country.

Rep. Smith pointed to recent editorials released by the mainstream print media criticizing the President’s strategy:

“Mr. Obama may find a constitutional way to rewrite the nation’s immigration laws,” asserted the editorial board of The Washington Post. “But in his frustration with democracy, he is likely to prove his point: Unilateralism will not make the system work.”

Similarly, The Wall Street Journal wrote, “We support more liberal immigration but not Mr. Obama’s means of doing it on his own whim because he’s tired of working with Congress. His first obligation is to follow the law, which begins by asking the opinion of the government’s own lawyers.”

And The New York Times Editorial Board stated, “The president cannot rewrite immigration law.” But, they argue, “Using his discretion to focus on deporting violent criminals, terrorists and other threats is not lawlessness. It is his job.”

The American voters don’t seem to see it as President Obama’s job. Only 38% of Americans support his executive action plans to go it alone on immigration, according to a recently released poll from The Wall Street Journal and NBC News.

But there are more examples of media criticizing the President’s prospective action besides those Rep. Smith has provided. Even NBC News says that President Obama’s problem is “process” and predicts that he “probably is going to take a hit for going it alone. WHAT he is doing here isn’t as unpopular as HOW he’s doing it.”

Congressman Smith also issued a press release on the same day in which he stated:

“A strong majority of the American people oppose amnesty by executive order and so does Congress. They also oppose actions that would threaten American workers and weaken our borders.”

He added that “The actions President Obama is planning would be unprecedented and contrary to his oath of office to enforce the nation’s laws.”

You can view Rep. Smith’s cogent comments before the House:

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