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Erik Wemple wrote an insightful piece soon after President Trump’s inauguration on the diversity issues that the (liberal) media faces, ranging from the Washington Post to the New York Times. It is really worth your time to read, but here’s an excerpt from it describing how liberal journalists view diversity (which is telling) and a reason why the media is liberal:

The Pew Research Center in 2004 undertook a nationwide survey of 547 local and national reporters, editors and executives. The result? Thirty-four percent of national press identified as liberal, as opposed to 7 percent conservative (“moderate” was the largest category). Liberal identification among national press types had shot up from 22 percent in 1995

The hulking organs of the mainstream media reside in New York, Washington and other metropolises, where liberals live on top of other liberals. The residency pattern of these big-time reporters and editors quite consistently overlaps with the blue-coded areas of the country that voted for Hillary Clinton, who won the District of Columbia with 91 percent of the vote.

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