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Hypocrisy at its finest? MSNBC’s ‘The Morning Joe’ host Joe Scarborough used late-night TV to announce he’s leaving the Republican Party due to Donald Trump. However, he and others in the liberal media establishment (the latter praising his defection) forgot that Scarborough once said that Trump mirrored qualities of President Ronald Reagan:

The “Morning Joe” co-host also compared Trump’s move to a famous moment in the 1980 Republican presidential primary debates. Ronald Reagan had paid for a debate in Nashua, New Hampshire, with George H.W. Bush after the party refused to pay. When Reagan invited five additional candidates to participate in the debate, the moderator tried to cut off his microphone, to which Reagan declared, “I’m paying for this microphone!”

“History’s repeating itself,” Scarborough said, noting that Reagan objected to the debate rules because they weren’t “fair to the rest of the candidates.”

“It showed strength in a time of weakness,” Scarborough said of Reagan’s move in 1980. “And here we are how many years later?”

“The same thing happens except it’s happening at Fox News,” he added. “Ronald Reagan several years ago said, ‘I paid for this mic.’ Donald Trump says, ‘I pay for your bills with my 22 million viewers.’”

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