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Remember Clinton-Obama ‘Russia Reset’? 5 of Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

The liberal media has appeared to forget that the current situation that America sits in, foreign-policy-wise, is a direct result of the Obama foreign policy in Syria and in Russia. Here are fruits of the Obama ‘Russia Reset’:

  1. Edward Snowden defected to Russia [1], taking U.S. secrets with him
  2. Several failed attempts at a cease-fire [2] to stop the Syrian civil war
  3. Russia told the Obama administration to not interfere [3] in the Syrian civil war
  4. Obama partnered with Russia [4] to stop… ISIS groups in Syria, even when Russia and Iran are backing the Syrian regime and Obama backed Syrian rebels
  5. A Russian jet ‘buzzes’ [5] (i.e. flies too closely to) a U.S. naval ship