Accuracy in Media

I’m a big fan of Obama’s campaign strategy:  flat out denial.  He’s not flip-flopping on issues, dear god no!, merely refining his position on them. 


His earlier campaign promise to pull the troops out of Iraq within 16 months?  Well, come to think of it, now he’s refined his position to just pull the troops out, sans the timetable, because you know, you really can’t use old promises based on aged data when you get in the White House.


His assertion to meet with anti-American leaders without negotiations- citing Kennedy and Khrushchev’s (disastrous) meeting- has now been refined to meeting with the leaders with ‘the careful preparations necessary’. 


His position of avowed disapproval of the FISA bill was refined enough for him throughout the campaigning process to actually vote for the act once it was moved through the Senate. 


Despite Obama’s voting record in the Senate being strongly geared towards gun control and his endorsement of a gun ban in Illinois, his position was refined and he lauded the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the DC gun ban. 


But remember, he’s not flip-flopping, just refining his position, and the people who have been accusing him of this “apparently haven’t been listening to me.”  Obama: maybe hope, but definitely change. 




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