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ReadRight: Tea Parties Touch A Nerve

Here’s how you know the anti-tax “tea party” movement, which hits its activist stride tomorrow, has struck a nerve: Both liberal activists and their allies in the mainstream media are working overtime to discredit the movement.


Fox News picked up on a story that has been simmering in the blogosphere for several days now — the news that the Association for Community Organizers Now may try to infiltrate and undermine the anti-tax protests [1] across the country.

WorldNetDaily, meanwhile, recaps the stream of negative press coverage [2] of the protests that has materialized as the grassroots support for the tea parties has become evident. Media liberals were content to ignore the story [3] until it couldn’t be ignored any longer; now that they realize it has staying power, their mission is to mock the protests [4] and raise questions about their authenticity.

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