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Here’s how you know the anti-tax “tea party” movement, which hits its activist stride tomorrow, has struck a nerve: Both liberal activists and their allies in the mainstream media are working overtime to discredit the movement.


Fox News picked up on a story that has been simmering in the blogosphere for several days now — the news that the Association for Community Organizers Now may try to infiltrate and undermine the anti-tax protests across the country.

WorldNetDaily, meanwhile, recaps the stream of negative press coverage of the protests that has materialized as the grassroots support for the tea parties has become evident. Media liberals were content to ignore the story until it couldn’t be ignored any longer; now that they realize it has staying power, their mission is to mock the protests and raise questions about their authenticity.

Here’s a recap of other “ReadRight” articles featured on AIM’s Twitter account today:

  • Citizens Against Government Waste released the 2009 Pig Book — more than 10,000 pork projects costing $19.6 billion.
  • Big names are on the National Taxpayers Union’s 2008 list of “big spenders” in Congress. (
  • Ted Nugent warned terrorist pirates to stay home “or I will turn you into shark food.” (Human Events)
  • China and Russia are getting friendly, and that’s not good for the rest of the world. (National Review)
  • Foreign laws should not dictate U.S. policy. That approach undermines sovereignty. (Washington Examiner)
  • Sen. John Ensign warned that the fight against cardcheck legislation isn’t won yet, (Human Events)
  • If pro-gay activists hold a “Day Of Silence” and no one is there, will it make a sound? (WorldNetDaily)
  • “Ordinary people” commit evil every day. Here are 25 examples of how they do it. (Townhall)

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