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The Congressional Black Caucus’ decision to send a delegation of lawmakers to meet with Cuba’s past and current presidents, Fidel Castro and Raul Castro, has spurred a firestorm of criticism aimed at the group. covered a press conference where Republican lawmakers chided the CBC for the junket. “They left Cuba gushing with praise of the Castros and their regime,” said Rep. Chris Smith, R- N.J. In a column for National Review Online, meanwhile, Mona Charen dubbed members of the CBC “useful idiots” for choosing to ignore the plight of Cubans who oppose the regime, and blogger Michelle Malkin gave the CBC a new name based on its initials: Congressional Bootlickers for Castro.

Here’s a recap of other “ReadRight” articles featured on AIM’s Twitter account today:

  • A provision in a House climate bill could trigger a landslide of lawsuits by “victims.” (The Washington Times)
  • The modern-day “tea parties” are a symbolic scream for better representation. (The Fox Nation)
  • “Obama has an oversized confidence in what government can achieve.” That explains his budget. (The Weekly Standard)
  • Why do we pay taxes? Because “good-for-nothing bums are too chicken to rob us.” (Washington Examiner)
  • The University of Maryland thinks porn is educational but prayer is a constitutional sin. (The Washington Times)

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