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This morning at AIM, we started a new feature on the Twitter mini-blog service. The “tweeture” is called “Read Right,” and the goal is to point conservatives to the best news and commentary from the right.

We’ll highlight content from the kinds of publications mentioned in my blog post from earlier this week, “A Call For Conservative Media Cooperation.” Each tweet will include a story summary, a link and the publication’s name.

For those AIM readers unfamiliar with Twitter, a hashtag is a key word or phrase with a number sign at the beginning. If you enter the hashtag in Twitter’s search engine, you will find all posts that include the hashtag. So in this case, including the hashtag #readright will make it easy to find the best conservative content via Twitter. Other Twitter users can use the hashtag to promote conservative content, too.

If you don’t already follow AIM on Twitter, please do. But we also will be recapping AIM’s “Read Right” tweets here so visitors to our Web site can find all of the links in one place. With that said, here is the recap from today’s first edition of “Read Right”:


  • President Obama got two “3 a.m. phone calls” in four days — from North Korea and open waters near Somalia.

American Spectator

National Review

The Fox Nation

Washington Examiner

  • The Treasury Department won’t say what financial firms want to return bailout money against government wishes.
  • To get a bigger slice of the federal pie, a Virginia county plans to count illegal immigrants in the census.

The Weekly Standard

  • Sam Schulman: ““On every issue other than abortion, Obama is content to let a hundred flowers bloom.”
  • Independent voters are showing themselves independent enough to think GOP again.

Human Events


  • Ann Coulter: “It might make more sense to outlaw men than guns. Or divorce. Or crack.”


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