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TOP STORY: Between a congressional bill that combats currency manipulation and the pending EU bailout, Roger Aronoff asks why the American media isn’t that focused on China. In addition, why is the Chinese Government so intent to capture the American news consumer? “Slowly and quietly China has been spreading its propaganda in this country. Here in Washington D.C., there are newspaper boxes all over the city where you can pick up a copy of China Daily, a newspaper published by the Chinese government and clearly meant to calm any fears people might have that we should have anything to fear from China’s Communist government.”

NEW VIDEO: Looks like the Occupy ___ infestation and poor sanitation has spread all the way to Iowa. Sure, it’s only 10 people but they’re just as unhinged. AIM’s Benjamin Johnson grabbed an interview with their “leader:”

MEDIA WATCH: First, the subscribers left. Then the advertisers took a hike. Now the brains at The Washington Post are heading for greener pastures. Don Irvine reports: “The Washington Post Co. announced yesterday that one of its longest tenured executives, ‘Bo’ Jones, is leaving the company to become the CEO of MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, the producer of PBS’s Newshour.” Just how much more can the national paper of record lose?

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ELECTION 2012: The shock and outrage from smoking in a political ad wasn’t surprising to anyone who keeps an eye on the media. Now for step two: the AP exposes the Cain aid’s political past: “Meet Mark Block, Cain’s unorthodox campaign manager. Perhaps no one is more responsible for the Georgia businessman’s meteoric rise in the presidential polls than Block, a Republican strategist and tea party leader who’s left a trail of questionable campaign work behind him.”

DONE DEBATING: For those of you who knew Texas Governor Rick Perry before 2011, the possibility that he might avoid future debates should not come as a surprise. But for the Washington political media, it’s a questionable move: “While the decision may make sense from a tactical viewpoint, Perry could leave himself open to criticism of ducking a discussion of important issues unless other candidates join him in boycotting some debates.” Instead, he’ll keep releasing blockbuster-style ads:

WHAT WE’RE READING: With the chilly air starting to settle across the northeast and mountain west, where will the Occupy slumber party go? If you have vacant buildings, you might want to board them up: “Some movements are scouting locations indoors, including vacant buildings or other unused properties, possibly even foreclosed homes, though some question the wisdom of holding a protest outside the public eye. Lighting campfires is probably out of the question in most places because of safety regulations.”

SEBELIUS EXPOSED: AIM guest columnist Michelle Malkin takes U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to task about her alarming tactics to enforce President Obama’s healthcare agenda: “The war on whistleblowers and inspectors general has been a hallmark of the current White House. And the radically pro-abortion rights Sebelius has ruled ruthlessly from her Beltway perch: policing citizen critics of Obamacare through a taxpayer-funded Internet snitch brigade; threatening private companies and insurers who have increased rates to cope with Obamacare coverage mandates; lashing out at newspapers who dare report on the costly consequences of the federal law.” A must read for your weekend.

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