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TOP STORY: Occupy Wall Street’s computer hacking sympathizers have issued a warning to the IT guys at Fox News. Apparently, they do not appreciate the coverage Fox has been offering. Don Irvine reports: “The hacker group ‘Anonymous’ announced plans to take down the Fox News website on Nov. 5 over its coverage of the Occupy Wall Street Movement…They are calling their effort Operation Fox Hunt and say that Fox News’ ‘continued right-wing, conservative propaganda can no longer be tolerated,’.” As always, the video message uses that creepy computer voice.

MEDIA WATCH: As President Obama learned, what happens in San Francisco stays in San Francisco. Except for comments about guns and religion; that stays with you. But never fear, for the White House has found a way to keep tough press away. Don Irvine found that: “President Obama appeared at a $7,500 a plate fundraiser yesterday but with limited press coverage as the White House banned Bay area newspapers from the event.” Rather than face tough questions from the local boys, it’s best just to bring the likes of NBC’s Chuck Todd with you.

FOR HIRE: You know that a cable network’s talent recruiting is bad when they have to post job listings on the Internet. But when infomercials can beat you in ratings, we guess it’s just par for the course. Don Irvine reports: “Al Gore’s Current TV is doing its part to lower the jobless rate as it is seeking an executive producer for their new show, ‘The War Room,’ that they plan to launch next year featuring former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm.” You also have to move to San Francisco if you’re interested, sorry.

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ELECTION 2012: Godfather Herman Cain once again rocks the Washington political establishment with an ad that has sent politically correct, tobacco-free pundits into a tailspin: “In the video, his chief of staff Mark Block makes generic statements touting Cain’s candidacy and then sucks on a cigarette and blows a little smoke into the camera.” While this is certainly good late night fodder and gag-inducing on the Left, it continues to generate free media for his campaign. Watch:

LONELY CAMPAIGN: Former King of the Republican Hill Michele Bachmann filed for her place on the ballot in New Hampshire today, amid stories that all campaign staffers have resigned: “Though Bachmann could have traveled to New Hampshire herself, sending a staffer wasn’t an option after all five of her paid New Hampshire staffers quit last week, complaining that they were kept out of the loop and treated rudely by her national campaign team.”

WHAT WE’RE READING: Former obituary writer and AIM guest columnist Alan Caruba explains why the Global Warming er, Climate Change myth isn’t dead by now: “I have predicted the death of global warming several times, but like a Hollywood zombie global warming is kept alive by its massive propaganda machine and useful idiots in the media.” It always helps to remind readers just how many ways this movement has been debunked.

NYPD & YOU: More details continue to spill about the tactics employed by New York’s Finest and the CIA. Apparently, they do not take too kindly to name changes: “The NYPD monitors everyone in the city who changes his or her name, according to internal police documents and interviews. For those whose names sound Arabic or might be from Muslim countries, police run comprehensive background checks that include reviewing travel records, criminal histories, business licenses and immigration documents. All this is recorded in police databases for supervisors, who review the names and select a handful of people for police to visit.”

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