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TOP STORY: The returning of Vietnam era Prisoners of War and MIAs has long been a story of interest for Accuracy in Media. Special contributor “Senator Bob” Smith offers new updates to their status: “Let’s state the facts as honestly as possible: the American government wrote off all pending POW/MIA cases at war’s end to close the books on this ugly foreign policy disaster…After 40 years of FOIA requests, emotional appeals from family members, senators and congressmen, and House and Senate Committee investigations, the intelligence agencies still keep numerous documents classified under the guise of national security.”

MEDIA WATCH: AIM has been working in a newer form of media criticism lately with respect to the Occupy _____ movement. While conventional media are quick to divine purpose and grievances by featuring signs being held in the streets, we seek balanced reporting by engaging the protestors directly. Don Irvine found in Occupy Los Angeles that it “is more about those who hate America and want to see capitalism replaced by socialism, even though most of the protesters have no idea of what that would really mean to them.”

TINGLES NEEDS HOPE: It’s no secret that MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews has a thing for President Obama. Don Irvine points out in a recent Let Me Finish segment Matthews’ most embarrassing bias toward the President yet: “Chris Matthews has been using the last few minutes of his program lately to give President Obama campaign advice, and last Friday was no different. He pleaded with Obama to “give us purpose,” if he expects to get re-elected next year.”

MIKE’S MONEY: How do you get documentary filmmaker Michael Moore hot under the collar? Ask him if he’s part of the one percent. Don Irvine adds: “If Moore really cared, then why doesn’t he donate the profits from the sales of his new book to help out those who are less fortunate than him. Does he really need $50 million, or whatever the figure may be, to live?”

NO RT FOR AP: The Associated Press has new mandates for reporters who choose to engage their audience via Twitter…they pretty much aren’t allowed to re-tweet. Don Irvine says: “The AP may be trying to prevent any social media disasters, but this policy makes it clear that they don’t trust their employees to use good judgment when it comes to Twitter.”

C-SPAN TWEETS: Taking advantage of Congress’ wide acceptance of social media, C-SPAN will now be your one stop shop for legislative communication. Don Irvine reports: “C-SPAN only pulls tweets from official government accounts, leaving out any personal or campaign accounts the members may have, and omits pictures like the ones that ended the congressional career of Anthony Weiner.”

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ELECTION 2012: Everyone is watching the Gloria Allred show. Do you think differently about Herman Cain now?

WHAT WE’RE READING: AIM guest columnist Alan Caruba explains today how the youth of the Occupy movement continue to direct their anger in the wrong direction: “The youth have cause to be unhappy, but they would be better informed if they understood how poorly they have been served by a debased national educational system and indebtedness brought about by universities that thrive off the student-loan system underwritten by the federal government. Their ignorance of this and so much more is both understandable and deplorable.”

NINJA GENERATION: Looks like Gordon Gekko was right when he said that America’s youth have no assets or wealth today. According to the AP: “The 47-to-1 wealth gap between old and young is believed by demographers to be the highest ever, even predating government records. In all, 37 percent of younger-age households have a net worth of zero or less, nearly double the share in 1984. But among households headed by a person 65 or older, the percentage in that category has been largely unchanged at 8 percent.”

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