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TOP STORY: The wannabe Kent State moment that Occupy UC Davis was pursuing fell flat after a student/citizen journalist pushed Fox News to show his footage of police warning protesters to clear out or be pepper sprayed. Cliff Kincaid interviewed the fellow watchdog: “A campus conservative at UC Davis was so disgusted by slanted coverage of the Occupy movement that he reached out to Fox News and provided the channel a video showing police officers being surrounded by protesters after dismantling an illegal tent site. Marcus Shibler, chairman of Davis College Republicans, says the officers were met with chants of ‘F— the police’.” Full videos and details here:

NEW VIDEO: As the weather drops and holiday homecomings draw near, who will pick up the slack for the Occupiers? Our own Benjamin Johnson gives us reason to believe that unions will co-opt the show:

MEDIA WATCH: Current TV offers many second and third chances to wannabe pundits to spout their liberal views in a low ratings environment. Last week, MSNBC castaway David Shuster and Hollywood D-Lister Janeane Garofalo bemoaned the media favoritism of the Tea Party. Don Irvine has a problem with that: “Garofalo managed to completely ignore the fact that the Tea Party protests have been peaceful affairs with organizers either paying for police protection and cleanup or handling some of those tasks themselves, which differs dramatically from the Occupy protests, which have been plagued by, among other things, violence, drugs, sexual assaults, public urination and trash strewn everywhere.” Check the video out, too:

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ELECTION 2012: The Cain Train may be heading for the terminal, following new allegations that he carried out an affair lasting more than a decade: “Ginger White said in an interview with Fox 5 Atlanta that her affair with Cain ended not long before the former businessman from Georgia announced his candidacy for the White House.” The campaign is still weighing all options.

WHAT WE’RE READING: AIM guest columnist Frank Gaffney Jr. argues that Republicans should resist the isolationist strain that was apparent in the recent presidential debate. He said such a foreign policy is not only ahistoric, but dangerous: “After all, if history teaches us anything, it is that wars happen – as Ronald Reagan put it – not when America is too strong, but when we are too weak.  In the run-up to World Wars I and II, we followed more or less the libertarians’ prescription, and disaster ensued.”

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