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TOP STORY: The media are always looking for the next presidential candidate to commit a gaffe on the record. Roger Aronoff today explains the true meaning of the gaffe, and exposes those who seek to sneer from glass houses: “[I]f you’re going to come out, without your teleprompter, to make fun of people for their gaffes, faux pas, and brain freezes, try not to have too many of your own.” Chris Matthews, we’re looking at you first.

MEDIA WATCH: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has made headlines again by ‘exposing’ the worst kept secret in media. Don Irvine reports: “On Friday Chris Matthews said what few in the mainstream media have been willing to say when he admitted that the national media ‘leans a little to the left.’” We’re sure his colleagues get tingles hearing that.

RATHER BIASED, STILL: Dan Rather reared his head again to demonstrate how disconnected he is from reality. Don Irvine reports: “Rather told the audience that ‘we are living in an age when big money owns everything…including the news,” and that ‘cash bought a lot of silence for a long time.’” He’s also a big fan of the Occupy Movement, go figure.

HOT FOR HAIR: The media (The New York Times is a real leader in this case) seem to have a new interest in the Romney campaign. But why discuss policy and political philosophy when you can write about his hair? Don Irvine argues: “I’ve been watching Romney since he first ran for the Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994. While his hair is generally well-coiffed, I hardly think that is his most distinctive physical feature, as the Times puts it.”

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ELECTION 2012: The holidays can really slow down political news reporting sometimes, giving some unpopular politicians a quiet exit. Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank was not so lucky with his retirement:Frank said he originally intended to run for one more term, but that his decision was partially due to the fact that the state’s new redistricting map will include many people he has never represented before.”

NH LOVES NEWT: Well, at least the biggest newspaper in the state does. The New Hampshire Union Leader offered the first high-profile media endorsement of a Republican candidate over the holiday weekend: “We are in critical need of the innovative, forward-looking strategy and positive leadership that Gingrich has shown he is capable of providing.”

WHAT WE’RE READING: AIM guest columnist Jim Kouri is outraged that more municipalities are becoming official illegal alien “sanctuary cities” as of late. Kouri notes: “Two cities were recently added to the growing list of so-called sanctuary cities that protect illegal — even criminal — aliens from Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents: Washington, D.C., and New York City.”

ACADEMIC EXITS: Where do government advisors go when their ideas fail in the real world? Accuracy in Academia offers new figures on just how many Obama Administration officials are heading back to the campi.

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