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TOP STORY: Current TV “anchor” and recent MSNBC castaway Cenk Uygur continues to talk about the good ol’ days when his ratings were great. Don Irvine was one of the 10 people in the room for this embarrassing event: “Uygur’s firing didn’t have anything to with his anti-establishment attitudes…The problem was that his show wasn’t competitive and the network was looking for someone who could beat CNN.”

MEDIA WATCH: Criticism of Occupy _____ antics are starting to fill the media narrative and even Keith Olbermann is now sounding off. Don Irvine reports: “In an interview with longtime anti-war activist Tom Hayden, Keith Olbermann asked Hayden whether or not the “Occupy Michele Bachmann” episode wasn’t turning the movement into a farce and diluting its message.” I suppose if your ratings are THAT bad, you can probably get away with anything, even criticizing #OWS from the Left.

HACKING SCANDAL CON’T: The Murdoch hacking scandal continues today with new reports that “News Corp’s James Murdoch was ‘kept in the dark’ about the scale of phone hacking at the News of the World by his subordinates who tried to manage the problem.”

CBS RATINGS: The GOP Primary debates continue to challenge the Law of Diminishing Returns in the ratings department this week. Don Irvine finds that “nearly 5.3 million viewers Saturday night according to preliminary Nielsen ratings.” Keep it up America, only 100 more to go.

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WHAT WE’RE READING: After nearly a year of speculation and judicial gamesmanship, the US Supreme Court today agreed to hear appeals on Obamacare: “At the heart of the legal battle is whether the Congress overstepped its powers by requiring that all Americans buy health insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty, a provision known as the individual mandate…A Supreme Court spokeswoman said oral arguments would take place in March. There will be a total of 5-1/2 hours of arguments.” Somebody please tell V.P. Biden that this is a big ____n’ deal, too.

NYPD BACKLASH: Following the reports of NYPD/CIA cooperation to monitor radical Islamic threats, new details are emerging about how the locals are responding to the measures: “Fed up with a decade of the police spying on the innocuous details of the daily lives of Muslims, activists in New York are discouraging people from going directly to the police with their concerns about terrorism, a campaign that is certain to further strain relations between the two groups.” How do you say “No snitching!” in Arabic?

MIC-GATE UNRAVELED: By now you’ve read our reports about the media collectively trying to cover up French and American Presidents Sarkozy and Obama’s attacks on Israeli PM Netanyahu’s character. Today, AIM guest columnist Caroline Glick explains why these two Western leaders despise their “friend” in the near-East: “So why do the likes of Sarkozy and Obama hate Netanyahu? Why is he “a liar?” Why don’t they pour out their venom on Abbas, who really does lie to them on a regular basis? The answer is because they prefer to blame Israel rather than acknowledge that their positive assessments of the Palestinians are nothing more than fantasy.”

IRAN BY THE NUMBERS: Honorary AIM Contributor Wes Vernon details the increasingly shocking nature of the IAEA report on Iran’s revised nuclear capability. Despite the media’s mum response to the news, Vernon defiantly asks, “Where are the rolling heads at Langley and elsewhere?”

UNSKILLED GRADS: While liberal arts degree-carrying Occupiers cry in parks (and other disturbing things), Accuracy in Academia highlights industries that are commandeering community colleges in an effort to create skilled laborers.

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